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Concept, design & Prototype

Turning Your Product Ideas into Reality

We transform your product ideas and requirements into physical models and derive an opto-mechanical specification from them. Our team provides top-tier opto-mechanical design and assists in finding and liaising with suitable suppliers.

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How we work

The Process


Concept Phase

We develop an initial specification for your idea, assess its feasibility, and provide a first draft. This includes performance analysis, tolerancing, and a cost-performance calculation.

If your idea is feasible and meets your requirements, we move to the next phase.


Detailed Design

We finalise the optical, mechanical, and metrology designs of your product. This phase includes final tolerancing and the development of an assembly and alignment strategy for the prototype.

You decide here if your product should be built.



We bring your idea to life by building a prototype! This includes managing the supply chain, sourcing, testing, documentation, and installation as per your requirements.

CUstom optical Designs

Examples of our work:

Semiconductor Inspection

Catadioptric Broadband (D)UV High-NA Inspection Lens

Catadioptric broadband (D)UV high-NA inspection lens

Offering polychromatically diffraction-limited performance for an NA of 0.90 over a 0.50 mm diameter field and a 250 nm - 500 nm spectral range.

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Laser- & Material Processing

Telecentric UV F-Theta Lens

Telecentric UV F-Theta lens

A diffraction-limited telecentric fused silica lens for UV high-power applications.

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Broadband VIS High-NA Immersion Microscope Objective

Broadb and VIS high-NA immersion microscope objective

NA 1.2 water immersion microscope objective for a 520 nm - 620 nm spectral range and a 0.70 mm diameter field.

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Multi-Channel Illumination System

multi-channel illumination system

A cost-effective polychromatic LED illumination system.

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Leading expertise

What you get

We offer state-of-the-art knowledge and concepts. Here is a brief overview.

Optical Design Concepts

Detailed drafts providing insights into complexity, spatial requirements, and anticipated performance.


Comprehensive analysis including yield calculations and statistical properties for your systems.

Optical Data sheet

Meticulously crafted specifications adhering to DIN-ISO 10110 to minimise information loss.

Assembly & alignment strategy

Strategic evaluation of options, considering cost and impact on performance.

Signal to Noise Analysis

Detailed assessment distinguishing false light from useful light using advanced simulation techniques.

Stray Light Analysis

Insights into your system's behavior through simulated analyses of scattering and reflections.

Supplier assesment  & sourcing

Reports on potential suppliers with evaluations of cost and competence.

Optical Metrology concepts

Recommendations for metrology concepts tailored to your needs.

Robust Meta Lens Design

Cutting-edge design accounting for manufacturing variances.

Opto mechanical drawings

A suite of drawings from preliminary sketches to final ISO-compliant designs.

Optical digital twin

Sophisticated simulation models considering physical phenomena and application-specific factors.

Functional hardware models

Models developed, sourced, aligned, and tested in our optical lab.

Beam propagation

Simulations of real beams through your optical system.

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Icon - Elements Webflow Library - BRIX Templates

How to work with us

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